How to build & leverage a Change Agent Team Community to Change #Mindset #Skillset #Toolset

Foto Sebastian Kolberg

Nov. 2018 – Erschienen in LinkedIn

Von Sebastian Kolberg

I am proud to share with you today some insights on how leveraging communities to drive cultural #change and #AdvancingDigital really makes a difference at Bayer.

I recently met Dirk Grosse, who is driving the digital workplace adoption to support #collaboration and #experimentation and when I learned what he and his community are doing to support a new #mindset #skillset and #toolset, I thought it´s more than worth to share this with you. Amazing team effort!


What we can learn from Jazz Players about WorkingOutLoud

Sep. 2018 – Erschienen in LinkedIn

Von Sebastian Kolberg

It started with a thought and a spontaneous tweet some days ago.

“Attending a #WOL Circle is like playing in a #Jazzband and running a Jam session. Listen to the others, learn together and create your own beautiful sound with a common rhythm.”