Supporting a Working Out Loud Pilot with a SharePoint Site

Von Adrian La Sala

Today’s modern communication and collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams and Yammer, promise improved productivity and a culture of open communication and collaboration. But to get there, we need to help users adopt these tools and this way of working.

At first glance, you may think the challenge is with learning the features and functions of these tools. While there are some features to learn, that’s not the real challenge. The realchallenge lies in changing everyone’s mindset and behaviors to work openly, transparently, and collaboratively with these Tools…read more

Make your world bigger with Working Out Loud

From Sebastian Waschnick

When I first heard the term “Working Out Loud” I was thinking: The next hype and stuff some consultant wants to sell. After finishing my first circle I can say: This is one of the most important tools for New Work I got to know. And I can’t imagine going back…read more